Derivco Ups Their Game with Diffusion®

Quick Facts

When Derivco, a leading-edge software development company specializing in eGaming, sought a real-time API platform to power mobile gaming, they chose Push Technology’s Diffusion to support reliable and efficient, high-volume scalability for their games.


Derivco is a leader in software development for the online gaming industry and one of the most admired companies in the market sector. The company’s sports betting software is used on both PCs and mobile phones. Derivco, headquartered in La Lucia, South Africa, with offices worldwide. Betway, an international online gambling operator for sports betting, online casino, bingo, and poker, is Derivco’s largest customer.

Speed and reliability are vital for the success of our application.

Matt David

Managing Director, Derivco Ipswitch​

The Challenge

eGaming requires speed - Speed of development, data delivery, and time-to-market. To achieve speed for live and in-play betting, development teams wrestle with the challenges of:

  • Scalability to handle high-volume data and to serve many thousands of gamers simultaneously.
  • Reliability over sometimes congested or unreliable networks.
    • Originally, Derivco used polling to update odds in their sportsbook every 5 seconds. They discovered that players were trying to place bets and the odds were changing before the bet could be completed.

      Dervico recognized that the live event data had to be distributed with subsecond streaming frequency in order to accommodate betting customers, engage and increase the customer base, and drive revenue.

      The Dervico development team embarked on research and analysis of their options to meet the requirements of sub-second, reliable data delivery to bettors. The solution had to accommodate both large scale and high usage fluctuations that the myriad sporting events and venues experience.

The Solution

To meet the demanding data delivery speed and scalability requirements for their sportsbook application, the Derivco development team analyzed the pros and cons three platforms versus Push Technology’s Diffusion.

Derivco sought a single platform that allowed their application to use a single piece of code to manage all web transports and provide consistent SDKs. This requirement was to accommodate both the modern and old browsers on their customers’ devices and assure development simplicity and efficiency.

In addition, In-Play betting is an extremely important feature for the Derivco application and it can only be achieved using sub-second data distribution. In-Play allows customers to bet on actions or events that occur during the live game play action – rather than simply betting on the final outcome of a game. Adding In-Play substantially increases customer excitement and engagement with the application, and it adds substantial new revenue opportunities for the gaming operator.

Derivco chose the Diffusion Intelligent Event Data Platform because it meets their demanding requirements for simplicity of development; data management and distribution speed; and reliable, efficient scalability.

With Diffusion, betters receive odds and can place bets immediately and reliably.

Matt David

Managing Director, Derivco Ipswich​

The Outcome

Today, Derivco successfully uses the Diffusion platform on-premise and is planning to move to the cloud as well. In Matt David’s words,

“If our software is performant in all areas, then the likelihood of increasing the customer base is high and our product is more successful.”

With Diffusion, Derivco has found a solution to meet their needs today and tomorrow - by simplifying development and assuring fast, reliable data management and distribution so their customers can be more successful.


Financial Services

  • Required a single platform to accommodate a variety of web transports
  • Speed of timely & reliable data delivery across geographies to match bets.

The Diffusion® Intelligent Event Data Platform

  • Simple application integration
  • Real-time data delivery
  • High volume scalability to engage more customers and match more bets

Enjoy the rich functionality of Diffusion 6.7 as part of your event-driven application.

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