Automatic Reconnect

The Diffusion Real-Time API Management Platform is designed to seamlessly handle unexpected disconnections, with automatic recovery and no data loss.

Diffusion addresses the challenges

In the day-to-day network world, connectivity can be affected by adverse network conditions and events such as network congestion, an ISP outage, or a load balancer failure – resulting in network connectivity loss. Diffusion monitors and maintains persistent connections to applications, devices, and systems in order to reliably manage, send, and receive data - in real time.

Real Time API Management

Monitoring and Detection

To detect connectivity, both the Diffusion server and individual sessions send heartbeat messages. When no network activity is detected within a specified timeout, a session is placed in a disconnected state.

Connection State Model

Upon detection of session connection loss, the Diffusion also buffers all in-flight messages for the session; plus, all subsequent post-disconnection messages for the session, such as topic updates, are queued.

Automatic Reconnection

A Diffusion session will automatically attempt to periodically reconnect with the same Diffusion Server to which it was originally connected.

Offline Data and Reliable