3 Things You Haven’t Considered About Your App

26 Nov 15

When developing an app, you’ll certainly think through the purpose of it, who your end users will be, how it will look and feel, how you’ll attract users and how it aligns to your business strategy (at least we hope so!). But here are three things you might not have considered about your app:

How it will perform over the unreliable Internet?

The Internet in its full glory is fantastic, but unfortunately it wasn’t built for the way we use it today – it isn’t cut out to meet all our needs. The challenge for your app is that your end users WILL use it over unreliable networks. They WON’T consider that you cannot control network connectivity. If the app doesn’t perform when they are going through a range of connectivity and disconnections, you’ll be blamed, and even deleted. You need to consider how your app will perform over unreliable networks to ensure a high performant experience. See how you can take unreliable networks and still provide a performant end user experience here.

How it will be lightning fast?

You will know that speed matters. We all want fast load-times, interactive experiences and we want them instantly. In fact, from our non-scientific survey at Apps World in Europe, speed was the number one annoyance from attendees. The thing here is that when developing your app, you need it to operate at desktop speeds wherever that app is consumed – on a train, plane, beach, mountain, a couch. This problem plagues developers because seconds really do matter. If you’re a developer, there are a few options we suggest that we addressed on our blog previously.

When you go big, will your infrastructure or more infrastructure be enough?

The goal of your app should be for millions of downloads and continued use. So when you go big, how will you handle this? What if on Wednesday you have a few thousand users, but by Saturday you have a million? Are you designing your app for scale now? Often times we find that many people create apps hoping for success, but seldom invest upfront because of success uncertainty, it’s complicated and time consuming and could be money down the drain if the app doesn’t go big. But with app disasters making headlines, we think companies need to understand where to invest and that does include making strategic technology choices that address scale and user experience.  That technology involves being able to handle extreme spikes in user loads. You can read more about that here.

App success is 900 million users (WhatsApp), 170 million users (KakaoTalk) or 6 billion daily video views (Snapchat). When developing your app, performance over the Internet (it is actually out to get you!), speed and scale are essential.

You can learn more about how Real-Time Messaging helps with these three considerations or download our whitepaper on 6 tricky app questions answered.

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