App Engagement: Is it All About the Network?

18 Jun 15

It’s no word of a lie; users want interfaces that are engaging. But what makes an engaging user interface? A combination of the user interface, data sent and the network that data is sent over.

It’s all about the Network

Engaging apps are all about the networks. We are not talking about an app like Angry Birds because it is a local application; it makes no use of the network. Instead, we are focused on real-time interactive apps such as sports betting or private trading where the network is used extensively.

Engaging apps interact with something at the backend. The quality of that interaction depends on connectivity and latency including:

  • That data gets through at all
  • The time it takes that data to get through
  • The time to process that data
  • That the data returns
  • The time it takes for the data to return

The problem is that the network is what it is – a precious resource that cannot be controlled. You cannot really do anything about the network.

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