Apps: Create Those ‘Mobile Moments’

27 Mar 15

I attended a really interesting event held by IBM this week. The event was app orientated and concentrated on research conducted by Forrester and summarized in a paper titled, “Good Apps, Bad Apps: The Cost of Creating Exceptional Mobile Moments Through Mobile Apps”. Forrester studied the impact of “good” and “bad” apps on an organization’s brand, revenue and cost structure and some very interesting results were discussed, two of which, I would like to highlight:

  1. “If a mobile app doesn’t perform to a customer’s expectations, users will find another app that does. Mobile users may give an app a few chances if it doesn’t perform as expected or crashes, but they don’t hesitate to delete and uninstall it. And, even more significantly, they tell their friends about their experience. The same is true with employees as well, as mobile apps become more commonplace within the enterprise.”

It’s undeniable that mobile devices have become as essential as house keys and wallet, in some cases even replacing them. This reliance on mobility, however, causes a new set of challenges for mobile application providers. As the point above highlights, end users are impatient and they want apps to perform at real-time speeds. If an app doesn’t perform, another that can will replace it.  So the tricky challenge is how can application developers make applications that operate in real-time?

  1. “The most successful mobile applications are narrowly tailored to engage customers in specific mobile moments, providing the right functionality and performance at the right time. Forrester found that 40% of consumer respondents value an improved experience at a key interaction point. Enterprise respondents agreed: 61% believe that an unsuccessful application will have a negative impact on the user’s overall customer experience.”

The difficulty with engaging your customer in ‘specific mobile moments’ are the issues with pressures of network constraints and quality of service. We all know the Internet has issues – we can experience slow load times or dropped signals. However, users expect to receive the same slick and responsive experience using your app when they’re out on the road connected over a 3G network as they do when they’re at home on Wi-Fi. It is all well and good to engage with customers at specific moments, but how can you ensure this?

The big question is: how good is your app? Can it perform? Can you deal with constraints of the network? Our product, Diffusion, can help you solve these challenges.

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