#Appsworld Day 1 – Do all Apps Have Similar Problems?

5 Feb 14

Today is day one of #Appsworld North America. I’ve attended a few sessions, had a walk around, and concluded that most of the app world has the same problems:

  1. How to deliver fast apps
  2. How to build stable app
  3. How to build apps on multiple platforms
  4. How to manage data syncing, storage and caching
  5. How to handle an app going viral – the ability to scale apps to meet demand
  6. How to build a great user experience
  7. How to deliver the new user experience as expectations increase all the time
  8. How to deliver performance over unreliable networks

What doesn’t seem to be a problem is the app idea. There are new apps introduced for the gaming market, the enterprise market, the social market. All of these are there to help us be more productive, more engaged, more connected, but the above-mentioned problems seem to be abundant.

So why do these app developers continue to face these problems? Is it because they are the innovators, changing how we will live our lives? (I’ve met a lot of Founders at this event). Are they the next front-runners in the ‘cool app’? Are they too busy with making that app look the right way and do the right thing to be willing to spend the time on speed, scale and quality of service?

These issues – speed, performance, quality of service, scalability, data distribution are all bread and butter for the app experience. But if it is an abundant problem, perhaps these developers should look to ways that they can ensure speed, scalability, quality of service using data distribution solutions to help.

Data is fundamental to most of the apps on the market and it can have a significant impact on how the end user engages with the app. John Jeremia, Senior Product Marketing Manager at HP said in his keynote session that when he encounters a bad app, his favorite thing to do is write a bad review, then delete it – and the audience agreement was visible. So when organizations have spent millions on developing a new app, that can have devastating results on the organization.

We suggest looking at ways to incorporate data distribution solutions into the app development process. If you do that, you can plan for speed, scale and quality of service so that when your app does go viral, you won’t be lying in bed at night wondering if it will support demand.

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