Will You Bet on Your Data Distribution During Cheltenham Festival?

11 Mar 15

The popularity of Cheltenham Festival has exploded in recent years; it has become a major sporting event that “people plan their years and lives around… they build thick portfolios of ante-post bets and construct ambitious staking plans for the week itself, rolling up the money as they go along.”

Large amounts of money are gambled during Cheltenham Festival week. According to the Bath Chronicle, punters place bets of almost £600 million on 27 races over the four day festival.  That’s an astonishing number and with the festival underway this week, it’s worth taking a moment to think about the significance of this figure and the massive chances to engage with bettors and grow revenue that Cheltenham brings – if you can get it right.

If you’re interacting with Cheltenham goers on a mobile device, the whole experience is going to be time-sensitive, which also means the data is time-sensitive. Are you able to receive data from the event, analyze it, distribute it to your customers and interact with them in real-time or during a race? Can you also handle huge numbers of consumers interacting with you on your web or mobile app at once? Gone are the days where everyone would queue up to place their bet before the race started. Now people want to bet wherever, and whenever they like – and they certainly don’t want to miss any of the action.

You may be reading this thinking, issues with scaling? I don’t think so. And of COURSE I can interact with my customers on my app. However, these challenges could be more of an issue than you think and could surprise you when you least expect it (like during a major sporting event!).

We helped Oddschecker overcome issues similar to this. When it came to moving data in real-time, Oddschecker’s own in-house platform involved the website constantly requesting changes from a dedicated database and required large infrastructure to support it. The result was issues with reliability and scalability.

To meet its customers’ demands for ‘live’ data performance without a huge impact on IT infrastructure cost and complexity, Oddschecker needed an enterprise-class data distribution platform for its online services. . It needed a better solution that would be able to flexibly scale to peak demand, and reliably deliver real-time data to thousands of online and mobile customers at the same time. By selecting Diffusion, “the last two years have been just like any other Saturday. It’s amazing – we now only have minimal resources on call” said Derren Maggs, previous MD at Oddschecker.

Sounds good right? If you would like to read more about how Oddschecker used Diffusion to ensure real-time betting prices to customers, read the case studies in our information center, here.



The Diffusion Intelligent Data Platform manages, optimizes, and integrates data among devices, systems, and applications. Push Technology pioneered and is the sole provider of real-time delta-data streaming™ technology that powers mission-critical business applications worldwide. Leading brands use Push Technology to fuel revenue growth, customer engagement, and business operations. The products, Diffusion® and Diffusion Cloud™, are available on-premise, in-the-cloud, or in a hybrid configuration, to fit the specific business and infrastructure requirements of the applications operating in today’s mobile obsessed, everything connected world. Learn how Push Technology can reduce infrastructure costs, and increase speed, efficiency, and reliability, of your web, mobile, and IoT application.

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