Conway’s Game of Life
7th January, 2014

Conway’s Game of Life is probably the most well known of a group of models in discrete mathematics known as cellular automata. A cellular automata consists of a space divided into cells, with each cell able to take on a state. The simplest set of states being ‘on’ or ‘off’. A set of rules is…

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31st October, 2013

I recently spoke at the Oracle Coherence SIG. It’s an event I enjoy because the audience is usually fairly technical and quite sharp. It’s also a blast from my past life at Oracle/BEA when I both attended and presented. This time, though, I was presenting as an advocate for Push Technology and our flagship product, Diffusion. Diffusion shares many facets…

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19th August, 2013

The JVM is an incredibly mature platform. Once upon a time, Java programmers would smugly bash out their write-once-run-anywhere code, knowing that the JVM would protect them from the unpredictable world of operating system foibles. Sometimes it did, too. Then one day, along came jython and let the world know that Java wasn’t the only…

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13th August, 2013

Summary Apache Maven has become the de facto build tool for Java projects. The Push development team uses it to create the Diffusion™ Server and sample applications. We have and are continuing to improve our support for creating Diffusion Applications using Maven, allowing our users to benefit from its declarative approach to full-lifecycle builds, component…

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1st August, 2013

Time flies when you are happy coding – it’s time for another Diffusion™ release! Diffusion™ 4.6 represents the next iteration of our flagship product, providing all the usual features you would expect from Diffusion – performance, scalability and reliability – together with some exciting new features. Key Features of Diffusion™ 4.6 The latest version of…

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Getting started with Diffusion on iOS
18th July, 2013

If you like the vibe of iOS development, the wow factor is something your app cannot live without. I am sure you know what I am talking about: that feeling of surprise you experience when you use an app that does well what it is supposed to do and is responsive and pleasant to look at….

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9th July, 2013

I’ve been reminded on a few occasions of the recent interview I undertook with the eponymous Werner Schuster at QCON London earlier in the year and published on InfoQ with the rather fetching title of ‘Darach Ennis on CEP, Stream Processing, Messaging, OOP vs Functional Architecture‘. You can catch the interview and a transcript on…

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27th June, 2013

Diffusion is the market leading data distribution platform designed and built specifically to distribute high volume and/or fast changing data quickly and efficiently particularly to devices connected over the Internet or mobile networks. This data is typically used to create highly engaging and interactive web applications but there are other assets that make up the…

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Implementing new MBeans
12th June, 2013

Diffusion makes use of Java Monitoring eXtensions (JMX) to make itself available to outside monitoring solutions. JMX is an open and extensible framework, and this article will cover employing JMX as part of a Diffusion solution. It starts with the simple and works up to more applicable solutions. All examples shown below adhere to the simplest standard…

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