26th October, 2012

In my last post I detailed the implications of the access patterns your code takes to main memory.  Since then I’ve had a lot of questions about what can be done in Java to enable more predictable memory layout.  There are patterns that can be applied using array backed structures which I will discuss in another post….

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11th October, 2012

Here in Push Technology we use Java for Diffusion. So it was with interest that we read the white paper from Cinnober  that detailed their opinions about the benefits of using Java as a language for high performance applications. We agree with the conclusions of the paper that in our experience Java works  for high…

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16th August, 2012

In high-performance computing it is often said that the cost of a cache-miss is the largest performance penalty for an algorithm.  For many years the increase in speed of our processors has greatly outstripped latency gains to main-memory.  Bandwidth to main-memory has greatly increased via wider, and multi-channel, buses however the latency has not significantly…

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