Push Technology
22nd April, 2016

Many of our objectives here at Push are intended to improve the stability and resilience for applications. An objective shared by the Reactive Manifesto: “[Resilient Apps remain] responsive in the face of failure. This applies not only to highly-available, mission critical systems — any system that is not resilient will be unresponsive after a failure….

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The True Cost of Moving Data
5th April, 2016

Cloud storage is cheap and gets cheaper every day. In January, AWS announced yet another price cut (its 51s to be exact) for select instances. Google hit back criticizing the cut, however even with the January price cuts, Google Cloud Platform is between 15-41 percent less expensive than AWS across several comparable instance types. That’s great…

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31st March, 2016

Ever on the lookout for book recommendations, especially for interesting and educational works, I asked our London office what non-fiction or technical book they are reading at the moment. These are some of the answers I got: Martin is reading Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt by Michael Lewis Martin says: “This book was recommended…

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18th March, 2016

Event-driven data is data that is sent or received based on something that happens. For computer programming, that could be a click of a mouse, typing, etc. For apps, it can be similar, but we focus on event-driven data as something that happens outside the app, that impacts what the user will do e.g. there…

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18th February, 2016

In 1967, Melvin Conway published a paper that asserted system design often reflected the communication structure of the organization building said system. This often meant that larger co-located teams developed monolithic systems, while smaller distributed teams built more loosely coupled systems. However, Conway also found that the initial design of any system was almost never…

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Decoupling your Application Architecture
5th February, 2016

Application or enterprise architecture has become a fast moving world of late, with many voices talking loudly and often about technology choices, integration patterns, standards, etc. Yet throughout all this noise, one simple rule prevails – you must limit coupling between services, and especially between frontend apps and backend resources. Unfortunately, we often fail to…

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