18th February, 2016

In 1967, Melvin Conway published a paper that asserted system design often reflected the communication structure of the organization building said system. This often meant that larger co-located teams developed monolithic systems, while smaller distributed teams built more loosely coupled systems. However, Conway also found that the initial design of any system was almost never…

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Decoupling your Application Architecture
5th February, 2016

Application or enterprise architecture has become a fast moving world of late, with many voices talking loudly and often about technology choices, integration patterns, standards, etc. Yet throughout all this noise, one simple rule prevails – you must limit coupling between services, and especially between frontend apps and backend resources. Unfortunately, we often fail to…

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27th January, 2016

Since my last post about Diffusion’s support for high availability (HA) we have made substantial changes to how we replicate data in our latest release, Diffusion 5.6. I’ve already written a little about session replication, topic replication and how we use Hazelcast so I will focus on updating you with the latest changes. We’ve done the…

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Push Technology
22nd January, 2016

Here at Push Technology, Java is at the heart of everything we do so we’re really interested in tools and technologies that improve our Java productivity. If you care about Java, you probably have some interest in Maven and how it can be used to facilitate better build and test of your code. (Yes, all…

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22nd December, 2015

A couple of weeks ago our London office went Raspberry Pi crazy. You can probably guess why. The MagPi magazine issue 40 came out with a free Raspberry Pi Zero on the cover and sold out within 24 hours. Almost all of us wanted to get our hands on one. At lunchtime search parties were…

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Now is the Time for Real-Time
14th December, 2015

Following the latest and greatest edition of API Days in Paris last week, it’s clear that interest and adoption of real-time is a mainstream objective for many developers and organizations. In both the business and technical tracks there were various presentations on real-time and event-driven architecture, where speakers discussed lessons learned and best practices for…

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