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Buffer Face
23rd February, 2015

Guess what? Wait for it, wait for it, wait for it… we are impatient! According to an article in the Evening Standard last week: “London is populated with furiously impatient people. You don’t have to be tetchy to live here but you’ll end up that way after a few years… Changing your habits is unrealistic,…

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Infographic: Mobile Betting and ICE Totally Gaming
22nd January, 2015

According to the Mobile and Tablet Gambling summit at the end of 2014, “Online gambling is relying more and more on mobile gaming and players seem to easily make the transition from playing on their desktop computers at home to always having their favorite options ready on smartphones and tablets. The industry is changing and…

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Realtime apps
16th January, 2015

How to define performance, based on end users, is tricky. If 100 end users are asked what makes an application performant, just as many replies might be given. Performance first, and foremost, is based almost entirely on end user or consumer perception. This makes the performance metrics of any device or application very difficult to…

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real time
11th December, 2014

At Push Technology, we provide a data distribution solution that enables organizations to deliver real-time, high performance, conversational, web and mobile applications. More often than not after I say this, I get the slightly confused head tilt… but what does real-time actually mean? And so this blog post sets out to explain real-time in a…

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