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15th April, 2016

Data efficiency is our main objective here at Push, and our dedication to this ensures that Diffusion and Diffusion Cloud offer the most efficient real-time messaging solution out there. But why this relentless pursuit of efficiency? The starting point of this story is complexity. Put simply – data is complex, and data delivery is complicated….

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App Performance
7th April, 2016

Here at Push Technology, we talk about performance a lot. When we talk about performance, we are specifically referring to: App/website load times App/website responsiveness Network performance Performance depending on load (user) fluctuations We’ve all experienced it. It’s the end of the work day and you want to check train times; you bring up your…

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The True Cost of Moving Data
5th April, 2016

Cloud storage is cheap and gets cheaper every day. In January, AWS announced yet another price cut (its 51s to be exact) for select instances. Google hit back criticizing the cut, however even with the January price cuts, Google Cloud Platform is between 15-41 percent less expensive than AWS across several comparable instance types. That’s great…

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18th March, 2016

Event-driven data is data that is sent or received based on something that happens. For computer programming, that could be a click of a mouse, typing, etc. For apps, it can be similar, but we focus on event-driven data as something that happens outside the app, that impacts what the user will do e.g. there…

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25th February, 2016

Apps can be thought of in one of two ways – dream apps or problems apps. Dream apps are easy to name – WhatsApp with 900 million users, KakaoTalk with 170 million users, Instagram with 400 million users or Snapchat with 6 billion daily video views. The clue is in the numbers – there are…

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Decoupling your Application Architecture
5th February, 2016

Application or enterprise architecture has become a fast moving world of late, with many voices talking loudly and often about technology choices, integration patterns, standards, etc. Yet throughout all this noise, one simple rule prevails – you must limit coupling between services, and especially between frontend apps and backend resources. Unfortunately, we often fail to…

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29th January, 2016

Just as fax machines have been replaced by email, and floppy disks with USB drives and the cloud, so too will new advancements in technology render aspects of today’s status quo obsolete in 2016. However, the changes on the horizon will first have to overcome the inevitable obstacle of real-time data overload. As today’s connected,…

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