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Internet Messaging
16th October, 2015

The Realtime Data Streaming market is taking off! Why? Because if you have an app that needs to perform at scale, you need Push Technology’s Diffusion product. Realtime data streaming is defined as high-throughput, low-latency, bandwidth-conservative information movement between vast numbers of endpoints connected via the Internet. It is the new era in Enterprise Messaging because applications…

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First Impressions Can Make or Break Your App
8th October, 2015

According to an article on, The Next Web editor Matt Brian noted that: “First impressions can make or break an application… when individuals download a program; they generally form their impression of it within the first few minutes. Especially in the case of free apps, there is a huge amount of churn. If the…

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10 Stats You Should Care About
2nd October, 2015

Mobile, smartphone, apps – a perfect triangle that has completely permeated our news, culture and tech world today. Not many of us can get through the day without these three things. So on a light note this Friday, here are 10 interesting stats around the perfect triangle: As of summer 2015, more than 100 billion…

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Push logo
29th September, 2015

Enterprise messaging has changed as messages are now required to leave the safety of known environments i.e. inside the firewall out across the unknowns of the Internet. Watch Ross Garrett @gssor as he interviews Push CEO Sean Bowen @seanatpush and Lead Engineer Peter Hughes @peterhughesdev on why Real-Time Messaging is vital. Everyone has a digital strategy…

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APIs Disrupting the Financial Industry
25th September, 2015

I have just returned from API Days London, an event focused on the Banking and Fintech industries. The event discussed today’s various financial services business cases and technical best practices and the overall theme of the day was, “what’s that coming over the hill? Is it a monster? No, it’s banking APIs.” Nice to see…

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Data is the key to Digital Transformation
24th September, 2015

Who do you think of as digital leaders? Amazon? Facebook? Netflix? Sure these may be the long admired “technology unicorns” that enjoy a special set of circumstances and success, but what about Tesco? Or 888? Or HSBC? In reality, digital innovation exists in every industry today and is most certainly not limited to the upper…

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