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Reactive Data Layer text
7th July, 2015

Recently I’ve met with a number of companies looking to create a more flexible, dynamic foundation for the next generation of customer experiences. One important part of that experience is in building reactive applications – applications that are event-driven, scalable, resilient and responsive. The emerging challenge for many of these companies and developers is how…

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Real-Time Information: An Expectation Today?
26th June, 2015

Last Saturday night I was off to meet some friends for a few drinks. I arrived at Clapham Junction station and headed to the platform I needed. I look up at the platform information and see the following: Immediately, I panicked. What am I supposed to do now? I’m not sure when my train leaves…I…

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App Engagement: Is it All About the Network?
18th June, 2015

It’s no word of a lie; users want interfaces that are engaging. But what makes an engaging user interface? A combination of the user interface, data sent and the network that data is sent over. It’s all about the Network Engaging apps are all about the networks. We are not talking about an app like…

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