Club Wembley Develop Your Dream App

28 May 15

On April 18, 2015, Arsenal won the FA Cup semi-final against Reading, which only meant one thing – They were going to the Wembley Final! It’s no secret that tickets to that match are hard to come by – they normally sell out before the final teams are even known – making Wembley’s ticket re-sale website all the more important.

The great news is that there is a new Wembley app launched in February this year with a planned technology ‘road map’ to be delivered over the course of a six-year deal with EE. This deal includes mobile ticketing solutions and WiFi. But it’s not ready yet, so unfortunately we still have to purchase tickets through the mobile website.

So you head on over to the mobile website, login and keep hitting refresh to see if any tickets become available. This isn’t ideal. The mobile website isn’t easy to use on a smartphone and continuously crashes. Slow data and crashing means Wembley, you have a problem.

What’s Needed?

While the mobile app is being worked on, the website needs a few updates (and we recommend incorporating these into the app development).

  1. It needs to be fast. Tickets are being bought and sold on the ticket exchange rapidly. Some tickets will only appear for a few seconds before someone buys them. Ensure those football supporters get what they want.
  2. Real- time updates. You need to see the tickets as soon as they become available; refreshing the page every time to see an update takes too long. Users want relevant, and up to the second information to get the best seats possible.
  3. Scalability. When tickets first come on sale for a massive event like the FA cup final, scalability is vital. Football is hugely popular and the app needs to cope with large amounts of users all hitting it at once.
  4. Bandwidth consumption. No one wants to use all their data before the end of the month. Having a data-economical app will allow more users to feel more reassured about the service they are receiving. The last thing you want is to spend months building an app, only to get people downloading it, hating it, giving bad reviews and then deleting it. It is a waste of resources and money.

Our Advice

Wembley, ensure your existing website is easy to use with the right information, at the right time, without crashing. This will allow customers to use it whenever and wherever they want. Create an app with EE that caters to a high amount of user traffic without failing at the last minute. The app should have real time updates. No one wants to continuously refresh a page for hours in the hope a ticket will appear. Include the technology needed to distribute data that tells you straight away when a ticket is up for re-sale.

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