Develop Denver: Your REST API is bad and you should feel bad

29 Jul 15
Develop Denver: Your REST API is bad and you should feel bad

Lead Diffusion Engineer, Peter Hughes, will be speaking at Develop Denver on August 6th at 1:30pm (MDT).

His talk entitled, ‘Your REST API is bad and you should feel bad’ is centred around the idea that it’s difficult to find an app these days which doesn’t make use of REST in some form or another – we’re all busy slinging JSON over HTTP with wild abandon. It’s so commonplace that we tend to forget the various pitfalls that still exist, lurking in the corners of our architecture. Sure, your Node app is happy serving 500 users at the same time – but what happens when you hit the front page of Reddit, and now you’re handling 100,000 or more?

This talk will describe the impact that the design of your REST APIs can have on your system’s scale, throughput and performance; what the problems are, how to avoid them, and what alternatives exist. Peter will also introduce the concept of Internet Sympathy – a way of thinking about solutions that acknowledge and work around the specific realities of the Internet.

Event Details:

What: Develop Denver

When: August 6th and 7th – Peter’s talk @1:30pm on the 6th

Where: B, Office of Economic Development, 1200 Federal Blvd, Denver, CO 80204, United States

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