Enterprisers Project: How CTOs can balance business and technology needs

2 Oct 15
Enterprisers Project: How CTOs can balance business and technology needs

The CTO’s role is to find the balance between the competing priorities of business leaders and technology experts, says Dr Andy Piper, CTO of Push Technology. In an interview with The Enterprisers Project, he explains how the best CTOs meet that challenge.

The Enterprisers Project (TEP): Why is balancing competing imperatives between business needs and developer priorities difficult? Why can’t you simply tell developers what needs to be done?

Dr Piper: The majority of developers that I work with, or who work for me, are very interested in using technology, developing technology, and exploring what technology can do. Many are so passionate that they can get a little lost in the work; satisfying their desire for perfection becomes an end in itself. They can lose track of timelines and business imperatives as they explore possibilities and focus on perfectly formed software, while the business is generally deadline- driven. The business needs things by particular dates and doesn’t care what the product looks like on the inside, they only care what it looks like on the outside and that it functions properly.

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