#ICEGaming2014: This Year, Apps Rule

12 Feb 14

#ICEGaming is held annually at the ExCel Centre in London for three days, and every year the exhibitor list grows, the stands are more impressive and the TV screens get even bigger.

The trend of this year’s show was clear… mobile apps rule. From stand to stand, exhibitors unveiled a mass of new app products designed for the mobile and tablet market.

The ICE event is a perfect example of the how the industry is changing and is echoed in a new Deloitte study, “The future of the British remote betting and gaming industry: Adapting to a changing landscape”. The report foreshadows what it calls a “changing landscape” to remote betting and gaming in the UK, citing:

…“mobile betting and gaming will continue to be a significant growth area for the industry… the quality of mobile propositions for both smartphones and tablets will become a key driver of success in the next five years, if not the main driver.”

The study also reported that…

“mobile not only provides a new opportunity to engage with existing players, but also to reach new customers. Existing players have embraced opportunities for more spontaneous gambling, especially in the evenings. They also value the use of such devices as second screens, particularly for in-play betting. As betting and gaming has become a culturally more accepted leisure activity, the mobile channel has provided the industry with opportunities to widen their customer base. Consumers who traditionally might not have gone to a betting shop or bingo hall can now bet and play in a way that fits their lifestyle and preferences.”

At ICE, mobile application displays were everywhere. So as Deloitte predicts that mobile apps will become a key driver of success during the next five years, we believe that transformation is happening now. It is now a reality that the new generation of betting and gaming consumers are engaging directly on mobile, skipping the traditional desktop or laptop channels completely.

These mobile savvy consumers expect a seamless, satisfying experience and this can present a challenge for many businesses. How are you going to stay competitive in this evolving market? Have you thought about how you are going to engage with your consumers? With betting, the importance is engaging with your customers in real-time so that you are capturing the in-play betting opportunity. If you are too slow at delivering that data, you are out a customer.

Part of staying competitive is the ability to serve your customers with the most up to date odds and information so that they can make informed betting decisions. Fast data distribution to your web and mobile applications is VITAL to competitive advantage and success with your customers. But it’s not just about speed. It is about sending only the relevant data so that bettors are not served with redundant odds.

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