Mobile App Architecture Workshop

4 Dec 15

Improving end user experience and app performance on mobile is one of the primary reasons customers reach out to Push – and our new mobile app architecture workshops are designed to provide guidance and best practice for designers, developers, and product managers looking to take their mobile app experiences to the next level.

We kicked off the first in this series of workshops in London this week, with attendees from a variety of organizations coming along to share their experiences and learn about how mobile applications need to be architected with success and scale in mind from the start.

For many companies, the temptation to start with a cobbled together “beta” application is strong – it represents a minimum viable product, is quick to launch, and inexpensive to deliver. But this approach comes with a hidden cost – what happens when your app takes off, and you now need to scale, maintain and upgrade your production application? In many cases this involves a complete re-write, from the ground up.

A better approach is to consider the minimum successful product – an architecture and implementation that is cost sensitive in the beginning, yet able to scale and grow as your products become increasingly popular. In many cases, we have seen that application integration and data distribution is provided by Web APIs that aren’t always the best option for high-performance, real-time, interactive applications – due, in large part to the limited, unpredictable bandwidth of wireless networks, and the pressure of distributing data when apps are successful.

Our workshops are intended to discuss the expectations of today’s mobile consumer and highlight the limitations of Web APIs which may be causing speed and scale issues. Here at Push, we are strong believers in the Reactive Manifesto which describes the 4 pillars required for successful reactive applications. The workshop introduces these concepts in relation to reactive mobile applications, and shows why a message-driven, event based integration architecture can mitigate the limitations of Web APIs in many cases. And of course our Real-Time Messaging technology is a proven implementation for reactive applications that is being used by many organizations today.

We’ll be announcing a future schedule of App Architecture workshops across various locations starting next year – so we hope to see you at one of these events in the near future! In the mean time, if you’d be interested in arranging a dedicated workshop session for your business or would like further information, please contact us (see footer).

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