MultiChannel Merchant: 6 Tips to Designing the Mobile Shopping App of Tomorrow

26 Feb 15

Today’s shopaholics don’t need bags, shopping carts or even a mall – with just a mobile device, they can order whatever they want, whenever they want, without ever having to leave the comfort of their homes.

And many do just that.

In fact, consumers now spend more time shopping on mobile retail apps than they do on the equivalent desktop websites. This is especially true on some of the busiest shopping days of the year – for example, the days around Thanksgiving, when mobile devices produce about 1/3 of all online U.S. retail traffic.

But, if these mobile retail apps don’t live up to users’ high expectations, consumers won’t shop until they drop – they’ll drop the apps and move on.

By following these five tips, retailers can learn the importance of incorporating unique and creative features into their apps, designing for any device and developing for scale, speed and location to support mobile shopping trends and keep customers happy.

Give Customers a Reason to Go Mobile

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