Why Offsidegaming Selected Push Technology

26 Sep 13

Earlier this week we announced that Offsidegaming selected our high-performance, scalable and real-time data distribution solution, Diffusion to expand its in-play betting proposition. I thought I’d give a snapshot of why they selected Push Technology.

  • Meet User Demand and Improve Customer Experience – Offsidegaming is abandoning its current polling architecture in favour of a push-based infrastructure to ensure its gaming platform can grow dynamically with user demand. The new infrastructure will allow the company and its partners to deliver a better customer experience when gambling on live events, and to expand its markets with new gaming propositions.
  • Scale and Send Better Data Regardless of Location or Device – Offsidegaming will implement Diffusion to power its in-play betting odds platform, which currently runs over 4500 live events per month with a minimum of 50 in-play markets per event. Customers betting online will be able to receive more accurate live data, more efficiently, during live sporting events, regardless of their geographic location or user device.
  • Quality of Service – Even when there are network bandwidth issues customers will have high quality of service as Diffusion is designed to optimize how data is streamed over the network in real time.

Betting customers increasingly need and expect real-time prices to enable features like in-play betting and live sports statistics, without any degradation to the site performance. More over, these capabilities are critical for customer engagement. This means that betting companies face a huge data transfer challenge. Our solution will help Offsidegaming and its partners to provide live information to hundreds of thousands of customers at near-zero latency – key to staying competitive in this fast moving market.

Matthew Colledge, CTO, Offsidegaming said:

“Diffusion is the dynamic solution we need as we are planning to significantly scale our offering over the next 12 months. It will integrate seamlessly with our sports book platform, and power our B2B services to deliver exciting new opportunities to our partners and customers. Gaming is a fast moving business so working with the market-leading solution is a no-brainer as it will help us keep innovating and providing a state-of-the-art betting experience.”

If your mobile strategy is not already implemented, or if it is but you are not benefiting from this growth opportunity, you need to consider some top tips.

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