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16th September, 2016

In DiffusionTM 5.7 we introduced data types, value streams, Binary topics and JSON topics. Together they streamline much of the work that previously would have required application code, but they still don’t do everything. Value streams are an enhanced version of topic streams that receive typed values instead of Content objects that might contain a delta to a value….

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13th September, 2016

Talk to any of the integration vendors today and they will, at some point, mention fast data. The analysts will do the same. Go back a few years and the conversation was all about big data,  the notion that events and business processes occurring and running both within and outside of your organisation generated huge…

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8th September, 2016

A recent release of Diffusion Cloud added C to the list of APIs we provide for users of our cloud service. We’re pretty excited about this and here’s why. C is one of the most versatile and enduring programming languages. It’s not hard to see why: it’s universally available, has no platform or vendor lock-in, it’s…

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31st August, 2016

“To be truly digital, banks must pair an emphasis on customer-facing capabilities with investment in the technical, architectural, analytic and organizational foundations that enable participation in the financial services ecosystem.” Gartner, Hype Cycle for Digital Banking Transformation, 2015 Consumers are adopting mobile retail banking at enormous rates – they want control over their finances and…

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Why You Need to Understand Realtime UX for Reactive Apps
30th August, 2016

The rapid adoption of realtime UX frameworks like React and others have shown the demand for easy-to-use tooling and infrastructure that can make apps more user-friendly. But there are some fundamentals to understand in this realtime revolution. Before the world of realtime apps, actions were obvious and simple. Click a link, page reloads, and the…

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Realtime messaging in healthcare apps
25th August, 2016

The healthcare industry is innovating to meet the demands of an aging and growing population. With innovation in connecting medical instruments, realtime monitoring, care connectivity and IoT, healthcare technologies benefit from data-efficient, realtime messaging. Here are five use cases for realtime messaging in healthcare. Connecting Medical Instruments Connecting medical devices into intelligent systems has the…

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16th August, 2016

In Gartner’s recent Hype Cycle for Application Development, “Reactive Programming” lies at the peak of inflated expectations – no doubt the hype is real, but we believe the promise is too! To date, we haven’t really seen many reactive implementations in the wild. Sure, developers and architects are thinking more about scalability and resilience, but…

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