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10th August, 2016

Over the past few years many people – I amongst them – have spent countless hours convincing you that RESTful interfaces can (and have) changed the face of application integration. But it’s 2016, and as ever, market forces now dictate that REST and HTTP aren’t suitable or effective in every integration scenario. In previous blogs…

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9th August, 2016

To gather insights on the state of application and data integration, we spoke with 18 executives from 15 companies who are involved in the integration of applications and data. Here’s who we talked to: Shawn Ryan, V.P. Marketing Digital as a Service, Axway | Kurt Collins, Director of Technology Evangelism and Partnership, Built.io | Thomas…

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25th July, 2016

In prior post How to Integrate MongoDB with Diffusion Cloud, we discussed how Diffusion Cloud’s JSON topics dovetail with MongoDB’s JSON documents, and how in turn a MongoDB collection can be reflected as a branch of JSON topics. This approach gives the end consumer a means of subscribing to a MongoDB collection and changes to it….

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19th July, 2016

We recently introduced some new functionality in our products to improve the efficiency of your applications when handling JSON – but we thought it would be useful to explain why it’s important, and why you care! JSON has opened many doors for developers, making it simpler for apps to exchange data over the web and…

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13th July, 2016

MongoDB forms part of the NoSQL vanguard and is big in more than once sense, which is part of the attraction. It is both very popular, finding employ inside eBay, LinkedIn and Craigslist, and it excels in storing & organizing very large volumes of data. That it stores its content as (what look and feel…

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Application Integration
12th July, 2016

Application architecture and integration requirements have undergone a sea of change over the past few years. The number of end-users, connected devices, and applications are increasing exponentially. All the while, enterprise data resources, systems of record and computing infrastructure are pushed out to an array of new cloud-based services that are connected – yet separated…

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