How One Panda Highlights the Need for Web and Mobile Application Scalability

10 Oct 13

The UK currently waits with baited breath for news of the anticipated birth of the first-ever panda born in the UK at Edinburgh Zoo. The female panda (Tian Tian) has experienced changing hormone levels, which could indicate pregnancy; but keepers will not know for sure until just before she gives birth, which could happen within the month. According to Edinburgh news, “…bookies have stopped taking bets on a panda cub being born at Edinburgh Zoo after a “surge of interest” from punters [and] William Hill closed betting after a flurry of bets convinced them a delivery was imminent”.

An exciting story to so many, but let’s consider some of the points that come to mind. Online betting businesses are expanding beyond sports betting to capture potentially new customers through a new market. Have your customers placed bets on whether or not the panda is pregnant or when the baby panda will be born?

When a significant market opportunity arises in an unlikely place, you need the ability to rapidly scale if betting volumes increase. If news of the birth of Tian Tian’s baby is imminent, you need to scale from say 5,000 to 50,000 connections quickly. In doing so you need to service those customers with live, up-to-the-milli-second information on odds and also ensure that when bets are placed, they are received in real-time. It requires the ability for a conversational dialogue between you and your customers. Similarly, for other peak events, you need the capability to handle vast numbers of connections without heavy investment in your infrastructure or network. If you invest in the infrastructure itself, the problem is the high cost of the hardware, network and the service time, and the majority of the time it will sit unused. The smarter way is to have technology that can help you scale your existing infrastructure by distributing data in a more efficient way.

Regardless of whether your industry specialises in financial services or e-gaming and even if you’re the Edinburgh Zoo website, you need to be able to deliver performance at speed to any number of customers, whether hundreds or thousands, that are engaging with the application on the device of their choice.

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