Get Prepared for the Grand National

10 Apr 15

“At 4:15pm on Saturday afternoon, a nation will go to war with its bookmakers. The British public will unload in excess of £80 million in the satchels of Paddy Power, William Hill, Victor Chandler and any other scallywag with a chalkboard and a calculator,” according to an article in the Telegraph.

Sporting events drive a huge number of consumers engaging over the Internet with bookmakers. This year’s Grand National will be no different. Broadcast on television in the UK since 1960, it is estimated that five hundred to six hundred million people watch the event in over 140 countries. That’s a great opportunity for bookmakers.

So, if you plan to make the most of the Grand National, what sort of app do you have?

  • Problem apps – those apps not delivering an awesome customer experience
  • DEFCON 1 apps – those apps that you spend more time fixing than innovating
  • Overcoming what we call data gymnastics – when data complexity and inefficiencies result in skyrocketing bandwidth costs

Do you have a dream app?

If you could solve your problem, DEFCON 1 app or overcome data gymnastics, would you have a dream app? One that meant you had your Saturdays back?

Oddschecker, Darren Maggs said, “Since plugging in Diffusion two years ago our Saturdays are back to normal. It’s amazing – we now only have minimal resources on call.”

Extreme Data Management

Making the most of the Grand National relies on getting the right data, at the right time, on the right device.  And because odds are constantly changing, for sports betting companies, there is no room for slow or stale data – consumers are not patient and will go to another vendor.

Here are three data distribution tips we think you should consider.

  1. Live End User Engagement

Give end users (in this case your punters!) the ability to place a bet quickly and painlessly. That means addressing the challenges of the network – bandwidth and network availability – head on. Failure to do so will result in a poor service for users and will drive customers away.

  1. Quality of Service

You need to ensure that customers are experiencing a rich application experience. When it comes to information and data delivery, you need technology that services your customers in real-time. This need for speed is absolutely critical to success. If you’re going to keep users informed about changes in odds, make it timely. Late messages are not only useless, but annoying. You need to impress customers and ensure user loyalty is not a major issue in repeat earnings.

  1. Bandwidth Consumption

When it comes to dynamic content distribution, regardless of geographic location or user device, the data transfer challenge is significant. The aim of the game is to minimize the volume of data you need to serve your customers and lessening the strain on the network, while ensuring you’re able to respond efficiently to volatility in demand.  That means addressing the challenges of the network – bandwidth and network availability – head on. Failure to do so means delivery can become a quality of service nightmare, especially when today’s user-intensive social, mobile, media and business applications command unprecedented data volumes. That’s before we consider the spikes and peaks in demand during popular viewing and second screen experiences – any failure in service responsiveness risks losing revenue and brand reputation.


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