Are you prepared for Second Screen? [Infographic]

16 Oct 13

Second screen activities are mostly carried out using smartphones, with over half of adults (51%) now owning these devices, almost double the proportion two years ago (27%). Numbers are only set to increase, as forecasters believe that three quarters of the UK will own one by 2015[1]. Furthermore, it has been predicted that another 10 million people will be using their iPhones and Androids over the next three years as smartphone ownership jumps from 55.2% to 75.5% of the population[2]. The future of second screen offers quite an opportunity to gain significant market tractions, customer acquisition, engagement and loyalty. But are you ready to take advantage of this growth? Can you capture customers in time for the FA cup final in May 2014? Or the NBA All-Star game in New Orleans in February?

Second screen is an integrated part of the entertainment experience, but it comes with limitations. Some of the limitations boil down to the development side. How can your organization support the data distribution requirements with peaks and troughs in demand as well as Internet connectivity issues while keeping in-sync, in real-time? And how can you support your customers’ needs in ensuring a personalized second screen experience?

To find out more about the opportunities available and how you can better prepare for second screen, check out our infographic below:

Second Screen - How to Cope

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