Push Tech Talks: Real-Time Messaging

29 Sep 15
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Enterprise messaging has changed as messages are now required to leave the safety of known environments i.e. inside the firewall out across the unknowns of the Internet. Watch Ross Garrett @gssor as he interviews Push CEO Sean Bowen @seanatpush and Lead Engineer Peter Hughes @peterhughesdev on why Real-Time Messaging is vital.

Everyone has a digital strategy

Every business wants to expand over the Internet. By expanding, you are trying to connect to Internet scale, out to the masses to 10 of thousands, 100 of thousands if not millions of connected devices. A bigger scale running over the unknowns of the Internets.

Messaging is a great approach to moving data

But moving over the Internet means you are sharing the network. You are fighting for every bit of the bandwidth and the devices you are connecting to are much smaller and cannot handle as many or as big of messages as sent in the enterprise so it needs a slight twist.

Eye ball data

Instead of sending every message, does the end device need to see everything? You don’t need to see every message that is sent, you only need to see messages you can physically render and action. Does every bit of the data in the messages need to be sent? Sending only what data has changed is much more efficient.

The modern world is unpredictable

You cannot be certain how your systems are going to be interacted with from end users. Taking measures to alleviate some of the problems you may face means looking at the fact that latency can be wildly unpredictable, that data plans have a cap on the amount of data that users are consuming especially as apps become richer and users expectations grow. The business needs to address the end user expectations and the technical side needs to be more efficient at how data is sent.

Watch the short 12 minute video now to learn more about Real-Time Messaging.

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