Push Technology Introduces Diffusion Cloud, the Only Enterprise-Class, Cloud-Based Internet Messaging Service to Power Business-Critical Apps

14 Jul 15

Designed for a broad set of Internet, mobile and IoT developers, Diffusion Cloud helps developers tackle problem apps and deliver dream apps faster with lower costs

London, UK and San Jose, Calif. – July 14, 2015 – Push Technology today announced the release of Diffusion Cloud, the only enterprise-class, Internet Messaging service delivered via the cloud. Designed for reactive apps—applications that are event-driven, scalable, resilient and responsive—Diffusion Cloud delivers data at extreme scale and speed over the Internet to give those apps a performance edge.

Businesses today face a daunting challenge: an explosion in the number of ‘problem apps’ delivering poor consumer experiences, and a delay in releasing ‘dream apps’ critical to breakout moves. Underlying both is the need for business systems and applications to exchange data efficiently and intelligently at scale with devices, browsers and other applications over a shared network that’s full of unknowns, the Internet.

“We work and live in a world of apps, and expectations have never been higher,” said Sean Bowen, CEO, Push Technology. “Consumers expect rich, engaging experiences on the device of their choice in real-time, 24×7. At the heart of delivering those experiences is data—data is the make or break for any app. Unfortunately, that data travels over the Internet, a network full of obstacles that are guaranteed to turn a beautifully designed app into a ‘problem app.’ Our vision is to make the Internet work for today’s mobile-obsessed, everything-connected world, and Diffusion Cloud is another great example of how we’re bringing that vision to life.”

Diffusion Cloud tackles the hard problems—the limitations of business systems, the unknowns of the Internet, device complexity and more—to stream data at extreme scale and speed to and from millions of concurrent connections in milliseconds. Diffusion Cloud is enterprise proven, incorporating the company’s specialized knowledge in the areas of data, messaging, caching, data transport, optimization and acceleration found at the heart of Diffusion. Diffusion is Push Technology’s award-winning, Internet Messaging platform deployed by many of the world’s largest organizations.

“Diffusion Cloud delivers all the benefits of an enterprise-grade solution—performance, scalability, data efficiency—via the cloud, in whatever flavor customers want to deploy,” said Dr. Andy Piper, CTO, Push Technology. “There are many message-centric solutions that do simple things well, but struggle when asked to execute more complex actions at scale. Diffusion Cloud is the only data-centric solution utilizing a Reactive Data Layer (RDL) to mobilize data from all systems to provide a single, live data model. This makes Diffusion Cloud the ideal choice for developers looking to quickly develop and deliver their dream app.”

Diffusion Cloud is now available in the IBM Cloud, the go-to destination for enterprises moving their businesses to the cloud. For more information, please visit www.pushtechnology.com. Get started with Diffusion Cloud for free today, or visit our pricing page to see how we can help you launch, scale or go big with your app.

About Push Technology

Push Technology makes the Internet work for the mobile-obsessed, everything-connected world. We help our customers create Reactive Data Layers to stream data between tens of thousands – even millions – of devices. The result? Turbo charged apps that help global brands, including 888 Holdings, DAB bank, IBM and William Hill, push past boundaries. Learn more at www.pushtechnology.com or www.pushtechnology.com.

The Diffusion Intelligent Data Platform manages, optimizes, and integrates data among devices, systems, and applications. Push Technology pioneered and is the sole provider of real-time delta-data streaming™ technology that powers mission-critical business applications worldwide. Leading brands use Push Technology to fuel revenue growth, customer engagement, and business operations. The products, Diffusion® and Diffusion Cloud™, are available on-premise, in-the-cloud, or in a hybrid configuration, to fit the specific business and infrastructure requirements of the applications operating in today’s mobile obsessed, everything connected world. Learn how Push Technology can reduce infrastructure costs, and increase speed, efficiency, and reliability, of your web, mobile, and IoT application.

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