Are You Ready for the Grand National? Tips for eGaming Companies

4 Apr 14

Sporting events drive a huge number of consumers engaging via mobile and tablet devices. This week’s Grand National will be no different. The Grand National has been broadcast on television in the UK since 1960 and an estimated five to six hundred million people watch the event in over 140 countries.  Have you considered the massive revenue opportunities – for both second screen and betting?

According to the Official Grand National fences guide, the Grand National has previously been called “the ultimate test of horse and rider”, but we also like to think of it as the ‘ultimate test between business, consumer and data’. If you are interacting with customers during sporting events like the Grand National, your data will be time sensitive. Are you able to receive data from the sport, analyze it, distribute it to your consumers and interact with them in real-time or during a race or play? Can you also handle huge numbers of consumers interacting with you on your web or mobile app at once?

If you are offering in-play betting, have you considered how you will cope with this event, when millions are watching and engaging in real-time? Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall’s horse, Monbed Dude, has been tipped to win this year’s race by a Cambridge mathematician who claims to have devised a formula for predicting the winner. But what happens if Monbed Dude takes an unexpected fall after Fence 4 – the notorious fence that results in the most falls and unseated riders. Suddenly, betting sites will be inundated with consumers placing new bets…

Undeniably, the Grand National is an event that relies on the accurate transmission of live data; the winning odds are unfixed as a lot that can happen in a race. Therefore, for sports betting companies, there is no room for slow or stale data – consumers are not patient and will go to another vendor. Have you considered how your business could benefit from this event? What about the FA Cup in this summer? Or the FIFA World Cup in June? Can you distribute data in real-time?

Here are three data distribution tips we think you should consider.

Location and Activity Aware

Are your customers watching the football match? Are they shopping at their favorite store? If you know what your customer is doing, you can target your customers more appropriately based on how they are interacting with your application.


When delivering services over web and mobile applications, you need the ability to scale and handle potentially millions of interactions at the same time. Support the data distribution peaks and troughs in demand, at scale and in real-time by intelligently understanding your data. When only sending data that has changed to customers, you can cope with thousands of concurrently connected users.

Intelligent Data Movement

Intelligent data movement (i.e. only sending the latest and most relevant data across the network) means a huge reduction in network bandwidth consumption and therefore less physical tin required in your datacentre. When it comes to IT infrastructure management, the simpler the better. So keep an eye on the ‘how’ to avoid unnecessary cost and complexity.

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