Are You Ready for the Rugby Six Nations and the Super Bowl?

30 Jan 14

Big annual events like the Rugby Six Nations and the Super Bowl begin this weekend. It is common knowledge that big brand ads have become a massive part of major sporting events – especially the Super Bowl. According to an article on,

…“excitement is already building, with plenty of rumours about who might be making an appearance (Apple, perhaps?), and that talk is generating a lot of buzz on social media. Indeed, the social aspect of Super Bowl advertising is now a vital part of the entire marketing campaign – 61% of viewers will share ads on social media, and two-thirds will talk about the ads during the game.”

With a huge number of consumers purchasing mobile and tablet devices, the need to support customers in whatever way they decide to engage with you, is absolutely paramount to your organization’s success. One of the biggest trends to engage with your customers is second screen (the use of an additional screen while watching television.) Consumers are at home media multi-tasking and also on-the-go digesting information sent over mobile and web application anywhere and everywhere. This weekend, they will be watching the Rugby and the Super Bowl, tweeting about it, sharing and discussing the ads with their friends and the outside world, on their smartphones and tablets.

Moreover, with other massive worldwide events just around the corner, for example, the FIFA World Cup in Brazil this June, the Winter Olympics in Russia and the Rio Summer Olympics in 2016, you need to make sure that your business is capitalizing on end users engaging on their mobile device. So how do you ensure you are offering a rich application and personalized experience for your customers? How do you guarantee that your users do not suffer slow responses and interruptions? Are you ready to handle the millions of viewers that will want to engage during the Super Bowl?

The following three tips should offer some guidance on how best to ensure second screen success:

Live End User Engagement

Give end users the ability to vote and engage with a live show. Revenue opportunities come from various sources such as advertising and voting, but also in keeping that person engaged with your show and the knock on effect for ratings.

Brand and Reputation

Today’s customer is ‘always-on’ in terms of service expectations and is rarely forgiving of interruptions, slow responses and downtime. This is particularly true where ‘live data’ or real-time information is concerned. It is no business secret that customers are hard won and easily lost, and that the cost of customer retention is significantly lower than customer acquisition. More importantly though is customer and user confidence and the relationship they have with your brand. Your good name is not something to be meddled with. In fact, failure to act now, while the mobile dilemma reaches its peak, may quickly damage the prosperity and agility of your business tomorrow.

Support for Any Device

It shouldn’t matter what device your customers are using to engage with you; you need to support it through your web and mobile application. As mobile traffic grows, mobile devices become increasingly fragmented. With a huge variety of screen sizes, operating systems and capabilities, it is essential for your website, mobile apps and systems to detect and react to the specific device your customers are using.


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