Real-Time Information: An Expectation Today?

26 Jun 15
Real-Time Information: An Expectation Today?

Last Saturday night I was off to meet some friends for a few drinks. I arrived at Clapham Junction station and headed to the platform I needed. I look up at the platform information and see the following:

Real-time Information

Immediately, I panicked. What am I supposed to do now? I’m not sure when my train leaves…I was hoping to pick up a bite to eat before I get my train, now I don’t know whether I have time! There are others around me all seeing the same thing. Unsurprisingly, we all grab our smartphones and check the train schedule. I did manage to get my train on time, but if I was running late for work or in a real hurry somewhere, not having real-time info would stress me out! It got me thinking, has real-time information become an expectation today?

The answer is a resounding yes. We all want “instant data gratification” so serving data to end-users whether in app or via information screens like the one at Clapham Junction is not a nice to have, it is a must have.

Let’s look at some scenarios:

  1. Its summer 2015 (come on sunshine!). You’re watching Wimbledon and Murray is serving for the final point of the match. Will he ace? You think, yes so decide to place a bet. You open your favorite sports betting application, only to find you can’t access the betting information you need. Disappointed customer, revenue opportunity lost.
  1. You’re out and about shopping (alright!) and you need to transfer some money between your bank accounts. Maybe you’ve paid for a little too much on your credit card and need to move some money from your savings account. You log on to your banking app, and it keeps crashing before you can finish what you’re doing.  Angry, annoyed customer.
  1. You’re rushing out of work at the end of the day and you need to check the train timetables. You open your travel app (along with all the other hundreds of commuters wanting to get home!) and you get that dreaded spinning wheel of death. You can’t see when the next train is leaving… again, grumble grumble.

These are just three scenarios where that up-to-date, real-time information really is key. Customers’ app expectations combined with growing impatience means this is a vital priority.

How to Make Apps Truly Real-Time

To make real-time happen devices need to send packets of data at an extremely fast speed. It may sound easy to do, but in fact it’s not. The reality is that organizations need the ability to solve issues that are inherent when distributing data across unpredictable networks (eek!), for example:

  • Internet connections can be unreliable and disconnect and reconnect without warning
  • Internet speeds vary between clients and devices
  • Scaling to support thousands (and potentially millions) of concurrently connected is hard
  • Supporting real-time data across geographies is complex
  • Different Internet connected devices vary hugely in performance, form factor and technology support

Push Technology helps to address all of these issues by delivering extreme speed (and scale). We turbocharge apps so you can stream data to and from tens of thousands – even millions – of devices. What do you get? No broken network, no empty bank and some seriously happy customers.

Want to learn more? Check out Diffusion today.

The Diffusion Intelligent Data Platform manages, optimizes, and integrates data among devices, systems, and applications. Push Technology pioneered and is the sole provider of real-time delta-data streaming™ technology that powers mission-critical business applications worldwide. Leading brands use Push Technology to fuel revenue growth, customer engagement, and business operations. The products, Diffusion® and Diffusion Cloud™, are available on-premise, in-the-cloud, or in a hybrid configuration, to fit the specific business and infrastructure requirements of the applications operating in today’s mobile obsessed, everything connected world. Learn how Push Technology can reduce infrastructure costs, and increase speed, efficiency, and reliability, of your web, mobile, and IoT application.

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