Solve Android Long Tail Problems for Better App Experiences

Philip Aston - September 15, 2016

We know you love developing for Android.

Its APIs are in familiar Java making for an easy entry into developing. The open platform provides you deeper access to a device’s operating system. The quick approval time lets you get your apps to market and iterate them rapidly.

The downside, however, of Android, is that its users don’t tend to update their devices as often. Android’s long tail is quite, well, long.

If you want to serve all of your customer base, you might end up having to support multiple levels of Android. Diffusion Cloud has you covered.


Percentage of Android devices whose OS level is supported by Diffusion Cloud

Based on data taken from on 22 February 2016

The DiffusionAndroid API provides full support for Marshmallow, Lollipop and Kit Kat. It provides best-effort support for Jelly Bean. This slightly lower confidence of support for Jelly Bean is due to Jelly Bean being based on the Java 6 and the changes that occurred between Java 6 and Java 7. However, we have customers happily developing for Jelly Bean with our Android API.

All together, Diffusion Android clients support 94.7% of all Android users

There’s no reason at all not to develop your Diffusion clients on Android and plenty of reasons to do it. The Diffusion Android API is based on the Diffusion Java API. It’s familiar from developing your back-and clients and just as powerful as a desktop Diffusion Java client, such as:

  • Creating and deleting topics

  • Publishing data to topics

  • Subscribing to topic to receive updates

  • Authenticating connections made by other clients

  • Send messages to specific clients

  • Change the user and role information stored on Diffusion Cloud

What are you waiting for? Download our Android client library and get started.

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