The Need for Speed

29 Jan 14

Speed as a gambling strategy is probably one of the least well-known, but most effective gambling strategies out there. Few players know it, but casinos certainly do.

A casino’s aim is to get as much money out of a player as possible, while still providing that player with reasonable enough odds to keep him/her playing.  It is for this reason that casinos do their level best to ensure all their games are fast paced. This not only gets players adrenaline pumping, but it increases the house edge.

The same applies to online betting, and gambling in-play. The faster a customer plays, the more he/she spends in a shorter space of time. This generally minimizes the player’s bankroll forcing him/her to deposit more money than s/he would have to if the game was played at a slower pace.

So, if your business is in the online betting or e-gaming space, the need for speed is business critical.

Regardless of the bandwidth of the broadband service or mobile network, for the sake of meeting the basic gambling strategy while optimizing customer spend, your apps and/or website(s) simply must have the ability to place bets fast.

This allows the in-running betting customer to react much more quickly to events in a fast-paced market. It also allows the customer to get ahead of the market giving an inherent advantage in obtaining the best possible price.

The conundrum for e-gaming businesses, as always, is how to strike the balance between speed, performance, service, cost, complexity and infrastructure requirements. Through working with clients such as Oddschecker, Sportingbet and William Hill, we deeply understand that the speed, performance and service needs are absolutely core to any competitive e-gaming organization, and are absolutely non-negotiable.

What is so often the business problem is that delivering the need for speed – ‘real-time’ or ‘live’ data – means moving vast volumes of data between your business and your customer. This swallows up huge network bandwidth and increases infrastructure complexity. It also means being able to scale to huge peaks, on-demand and usually sends technology costs spiraling out of control.

The answer to this challenge is intelligent data distribution; only moving the right data, to the right people at the right time.

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