Data Distribution

The True Cost of Moving Data
5th April, 2016

Cloud storage is cheap and gets cheaper every day. In January, AWS announced yet another price cut (its 51s to be exact) for select instances. Google hit back criticizing the cut, however even with the January price cuts, Google Cloud Platform is between 15-41 percent less expensive than AWS across several comparable instance types. That’s great…

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The Lowdown on the Internet of Things
4th June, 2014

Earlier this week, I was reading an article titled: “Nine Things you need to know about the Internet of Things”. The article discusses the predicted future value of IOT (Internet of Things), the criminal opportunities that are arising because of IOT, such as fraud, theft of SIM cards and DOS attacks and even talks about…

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18th March, 2014

Today we are looking at whether organizations should consider a purpose built solution to handle data distribution to  cope with scale, speed and data efficiency or whether developing this in-house is better. We appreciate that this is coming from our blog and we do provide a solution for this, but hear us out. First off,…

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