The True Cost of Moving Data
5th April, 2016

Cloud storage is cheap and gets cheaper every day. In January, AWS announced yet another price cut (its 51s to be exact) for select instances. Google hit back criticizing the cut, however even with the January price cuts, Google Cloud Platform is between 15-41 percent less expensive than AWS across several comparable instance types. That’s great…

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10 Stats You Should Care About
2nd October, 2015

Mobile, smartphone, apps – a perfect triangle that has completely permeated our news, culture and tech world today. Not many of us can get through the day without these three things. So on a light note this Friday, here are 10 interesting stats around the perfect triangle: As of summer 2015, more than 100 billion…

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App Engagement: Is it All About the Network?
18th June, 2015

It’s no word of a lie; users want interfaces that are engaging. But what makes an engaging user interface? A combination of the user interface, data sent and the network that data is sent over. It’s all about the Network Engaging apps are all about the networks. We are not talking about an app like…

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ITProPortal Logo
15th June, 2015

The Internet of Things (IoT) represents a major step forward in the history of the internet – it is where the digital world meets the physical world. Every day, people use a variety of devices for a range of different things that link to an internet connection. As internet enabled devices move beyond mobile phones…

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