18th June, 2018

We introduced a new Diffusion .NET Client Library that shipped with Diffusion 6.1. The new version of the client library allows you to develop .NET Diffusion clients for Windows, macOS and Linux thanks to the .NET Standard 2.0. New library and NuGet package With Diffusion 6.1, we introduced a new .NET Client Library and NuGet…

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Push Technology
22nd January, 2016

Here at Push Technology, Java is at the heart of everything we do so we’re really interested in tools and technologies that improve our Java productivity. If you care about Java, you probably have some interest in Maven and how it can be used to facilitate better build and test of your code. (Yes, all…

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16th August, 2012

In high-performance computing it is often said that the cost of a cache-miss is the largest performance penalty for an algorithm.  For many years the increase in speed of our processors has greatly outstripped latency gains to main-memory.  Bandwidth to main-memory has greatly increased via wider, and multi-channel, buses however the latency has not significantly…

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