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29th September, 2015

Enterprise messaging has changed as messages are now required to leave the safety of known environments i.e. inside the firewall out across the unknowns of the Internet. Watch Ross Garrett @gssor as he interviews Push CEO Sean Bowen @seanatpush and Lead Engineer Peter Hughes @peterhughesdev on why Real-Time Messaging is vital. Everyone has a digital strategy…

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The Power of Stateful Messaging
31st July, 2015

We’ve talked a lot about Internet Messaging recently – as part of our recent launch of Diffusion Cloud, we now offer the only enterprise-class internet messaging service delivered via the cloud – but how do we differentiate Internet Messaging from other messaging paradigms? First of all, let’s recap the requirements for Internet Messaging. We require…

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How to Extend the Power of IBM MQ over the Internet
24th July, 2015

We live and work in a world of apps, and expectations have never been higher. Customers expect rich, engaging experiences on the device of their choice, in real-time, 24×7. Delivering those experiences is critical to revenue growth, customer engagement and business operations. According to Gartner, by 2017, 80% of consumer engagement with brands will occur…

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Push Fabric
23rd July, 2015

Recently we introduced and defined the concept of a Reactive Data Layer – the new standard for enterprise app integration. In this – the next in a series of discussions around RDL – we’ll talk a little more about how a reactive data layer actually works. First off, a data layer is the functionality in…

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The New Face of Enterprise Data Streaming
20th May, 2015

Last week I joined several other members of the Push Technology team at Apps World NA.  As part of our participation I spoke on the Developer Stage day 1, and the Enterprise Stage day 2.  During my time on the Enterprise Stage I presented a new area of business that has emerged in the current…

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