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App Architecture Workshop
4th December, 2015

Improving end user experience and app performance on mobile is one of the primary reasons customers reach out to Push – and our new mobile app architecture workshops are designed to provide guidance and best practice for designers, developers, and product managers looking to take their mobile app experiences to the next level. We kicked…

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Mobile Retail Apps
24th November, 2015

Last week at Apps World I attended a very interesting session with RetailMeNot’s SVP and GM International, Giulio Montemagno, on “Mobile technology, the silent retail revolution.” In essence, the world of retailing is in the midst of a revolution. Mobile phones have become our steady companions, and consumers are making abundant use of mobile devices…

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5th November, 2015

Mobile has convincingly become the primary platform or channel through which customers interact with any brand, service or application. Yet in the travel industry, reports indicate that almost two out of every five mobile shoppers have abandoned a travel booking on their mobile device due to poor user experience and apps that simply don’t work….

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Push Technology On The Enterprise Stage at AppsWorld
20th April, 2015

  Jarrett Bariel, Senior Field Engineer, at Push Technology will present “Internet Messaging: The New Face of Enterprise Messaging For The Cloud-Based, Mobile-Obsessed World’ on the Enterprise Stage at AppsWorld on the 13th May. Session Summary: As enterprises rapidly become a series of cloud-based services rather than large data centers, a new solution must be found…

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Realtime apps
16th January, 2015

How to define performance, based on end users, is tricky. If 100 end users are asked what makes an application performant, just as many replies might be given. Performance first, and foremost, is based almost entirely on end user or consumer perception. This makes the performance metrics of any device or application very difficult to…

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