27th April, 2018

In Push Technology’s ongoing effort to simplify data management, optimization, and integration for companies developing business critical applications, Diffusion 6.1 adds new capabilities to manage data delivery to slow or disconnected clients. Introduction Diffusion uses topics to deliver data to clients via a publish and subscribe interaction model. A Diffusion topic is an identified stream…

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App Performance
7th April, 2016

Here at Push Technology, we talk about performance a lot. When we talk about performance, we are specifically referring to: App/website load times App/website responsiveness Network performance Performance depending on load (user) fluctuations We’ve all experienced it. It’s the end of the work day and you want to check train times; you bring up your…

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Mobile on the Rise for Sports Betting Industry
10th September, 2015

According to an article in the Las Vegas Sun this week: “A trend among sports bettors is placing bets on different mobile apps, while simultaneously betting at the bricks-and-mortar sports books. This allows bettors to monitor and play multiple lines at once and increase their opportunities to make live bets.” This got me thinking about…

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4th June, 2015

Usage patterns have much larger peaks. Most real-time applications face their first critical performance issues during periods of extreme load fluctuation. Every application developer’s nightmare is that some big event will happen and the load will cause all users to suffer performance problems. Coca-Cola experienced this very problem during a Super Bowl ad campaign that…

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Realtime apps
16th January, 2015

How to define performance, based on end users, is tricky. If 100 end users are asked what makes an application performant, just as many replies might be given. Performance first, and foremost, is based almost entirely on end user or consumer perception. This makes the performance metrics of any device or application very difficult to…

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