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Major League Baseball and Second Screen
22nd April, 2015

My beloved Red Sox won last night against the Rays so here’s hoping for another win tonight. When watching baseball I’m constantly impressed with the speed of baseball pitches because it’s one man’s arm doing all the work. But when you pull back from the game to look at everything else going on, that’s when…

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9th April, 2015

With shows such as The Voice and Big Brother regularly popping up on our screens, broadcasters are frequently offered numerous second-screen opportunities to engage with their audiences. As smartphone and tablet consumption increases and the sophistication of mobile and web applications becomes smarter, multi-screening is one area where broadcasters need an aggressive and profitable strategy….

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Will Your Web or Mobile App Score a Hit with Sports Fans?
9th June, 2014

A recent article on how Danish soccer fans travelling to Thailand can now stay up-to-date with live info on the performance of their home teams and favourite players got me thinking about how real-time news has changed the face of sport. Today’s sports fans expect to get up-to-the-moment coverage, updates, statistics, information and analysis, at…

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16th October, 2013

Second screen activities are mostly carried out using smartphones, with over half of adults (51%) now owning these devices, almost double the proportion two years ago (27%). Numbers are only set to increase, as forecasters believe that three quarters of the UK will own one by 2015[1]. Furthermore, it has been predicted that another 10…

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