techbubble: Time To Look At Application Optimisation

19 Aug 13

When it comes to mobile apps, performance is important: If the app loads or updates too slowly, people are likely to stop using it.

Google engineers discovered that if it takes more than 400 milliseconds – literally the blink of an eye — for your computer to respond to a click on a website or a tap on a keyboard, it is too long. And if a site loads too slowly, even by seconds on whatever device the information is requested, customers will go elsewhere.

Similarly, a study conducted by leading Web traffic controller Akamai Technologies revealed that a poorly designed website loses a full 30 percent of its customers within a few seconds. The same study also found that if a site takes longer than four seconds to load, 75 percent of viewers wouldn’t bother to return to it.

These findings can easily be transferred to mobile apps. The lesson learned is that your product or service could be the greatest thing since sliced bread, but if nobody is motivated to look at your app long enough because their mobile device doesn’t perform well enough, then it really doesn’t matter how good it is.

Read the full article by Sean Bowen, CEO at Push Technology at techbubble.

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