TheServerSide: Just the ‘Push’ You Need to Solve Your Network Latency Issues

21 Sep 15
TheServerSide: Just the ‘Push’ You Need to Solve Your Network Latency Issues

Tackling The Latency Issue

So how do you eliminate bandwidth problems? Well, one way is to minimize the data you send across the network, but how do you do that? Earlier this year, Barry Burd wrote an article about XLABS, a company that asserts that they can achieve close to 99% lossless compression on any given video file. Such a technology would certainly make streaming Netflix easier, but the company has been so reticent to publicize the mechanism by which they achieve this 99% number that it’s difficult to know if it’s a true revolution in compression, or whether they’re just selling a pig in a poke.

A new approach to condensing data leads to a 99% compression rate

The guys at Push are significantly more willing to discuss the tricks they use to seriously minimize the amount of data that goes across the network, and it goes beyond just compressing data. Sometimes it’s as simple as streaming only the changes between frames in a video when sending a movie across the wire, thus eliminating the need to send the same pixel descriptions over and over again. Mixed with compression and other little tricks, the promise is to make latency a thing of the past.

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