Five Traits of a Successful eGaming Business

1 Nov 13

The eGaming industry is built on speed. There is a constant need to react quickly to often changing and unpredictable customer behavior. Setting the right odds, getting information out in real time, providing an immersive user experience and monitoring what your audience is doing is all part of staying competitive.

In-play mobile betting, now available for most sporting events shown on TV, in the home or the pub, presents a huge opportunity, but also many challenges. It creates more data traffic over the network that needs to be sent back and forth in real time and updated more frequently. Add unpredictable peaks and troughs in user demand to the mix, as well as the rise in smartphone and tablet usage and you’ve got a huge strain on mobile networks and a game-changing crisis.

What eGaming providers need is a more efficient and intelligent way of sending live information to a large number of users and devices, and a way of developing mobile apps that do not consume huge amounts of bandwidth.

Here are five traits of a successful eGaming provider:

1) The master of live data

Speed and accessibility of data are paramount. Successful providers have guaranteed instant access to bets, and ensure the bi-directional communication is stable. They do this by removing redundant data from the two-way stream, connecting to clients intelligently by selecting the fastest possible transport protocol supported, dynamically updating only data that has changed and loading data behind the screen. These are some of they key technical traits that will make a difference to the performance of a mobile betting app.

2) Real-time analytics

Real-time analytics, combined with business intelligence gained over time is the key to delivering a tailored and immersive customer experience. Successful providers use their understanding of their customers’ preferences to personalize the app experience – giving them only what they need to place their bets, or showing them what they are likely to bet on.

3) Seamless connections

If a connection is interrupted, the successful mobile gaming app seamlessly reconnects when back in signal. On reconnection, only the most up to date missed data is sent to the app since the disconnection, rather than uploading all the data again. This results in a continuously consistent view of the data and a significantly more efficient use of bandwidth and infrastructure.

4) Support for any device

To truly support all of their customers, successful eGaming providers cater for every device. Successful providers manage the diversity of mobile devices with a single solution. Having a platform that is capable of pushing out data regardless of the mobile operating system used by the customer reduces the complexities of developing for each different device, decreases the time to get apps out to market and reduces the cost of ownership in terms of infrastructure, support and maintenance.

5) Flexibility to scale

Successful providers have the ability to rapidly scale when betting volumes are increasing. They use technology that can help them scale their existing infrastructure by distributing data in a more efficient way. Combining intelligent data distribution technology with cloud services can also help with handling peak events without heavy and expensive infrastructure. By moving to the cloud, providers can achieve more efficiency, flexibility and agility at a significant cost reduction.

The growth opportunities are out there, but to make the most of them, eGaming providers should select a powerful and intelligent communication platform that can provide a true real-time service.


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