Using Topic Views 4: Throttling Reference Topics

Push Technology - July 9, 2019

Throttling reference topics

Topic views can replicate a topic branch to another branch that is throttled to update less often. We do this using a throttling clause.

  • Open the Topic Views tab.
  • Click Add and create a new topic view named Football/Free.

  • Give it the specification: map ?Demos/Sportsbook/Football/England// to Demos/Sportsbook/Free/Football/<path(5)> throttle to 1 update every 5 seconds.
  • Click Add and open the Topics tab.
  • Browse to the new topic branch Demos/Sportsbook/Free to see the new topics.

  • Subscribe to the new topics and check that they are updated every 5 seconds at most.

Notice the new throttling clause: throttle to 1 update every 5 seconds. As the topic name suggests, we have built a limited version of the application for non-paying customers, providing less frequent updates and so consuming less bandwidth.

Summary: Use the throttling clause to throttle the rate of reference topic updates.

Next: Using topic content to name a reference topic.

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