Wimbledon: One App to Ace Them All or a Problem App?

7 Jul 15
Wimbledon: One App to Ace Them All or a Problem App?

I’m an English girl, born and bred in the UK, and totally proud of it. I’m not a massive sports watcher, but a good game of tennis and I’m hooked. When June rolls around, I’m seriously gleeful – Wimbledon is upon us! The oldest tennis tournament in the world and widely considered the most prominent – and its hosted right on my doorstep!

I missed out on tickets this year, but I immediately downloaded the official Wimbledon app . I certainly won’t be missing out on all the action!

To put it bluntly, the app is cool! The home page has a live clock (see picture below) and there are so many neat functions. I can set my favorite players, see the order of play for the day, catch up on some of the highlights and there is even a live blog to keep me entertained. All pretty great when I can’t watch a match during office hours (yes that’s right!)

Andy Murray

Nice Weather

Live Blog


I decided to check out some of the videos from the previous day. I hadn’t been able to watch any of the matches – and needed my tennis fix! However, I was pretty disgruntled to find the app wouldn’t load to start with…

Spinning Wheel

…and then once it had, I couldn’t get the video I wanted to load!


Later on in the day, Federer was playing and I wanted to keep track of his match. To my annoyance, the ‘live’ scores were not updating and I couldn’t keep up with how my favorite player was doing! This is one of the app’s main features, and I was pretty shocked to see it wasn’t working properly. Maybe I just got unlucky?

In fact, I didn’t. I checked out other reviews of the app and found so many consumers with the same issues:





Now you might be thinking, so what? Does it really matter if the app has poor reviews? Who cares if people don’t actually use?

Actually you should care.  In 2014:

  • The men’s single final match drew a peak audience of 10 million viewers.
  • On digital platforms, the strongest day of the tournament was Friday July 5th, logging 16 million live minutes viewed across computers, smartphones, tablets, Xbox and Apple TV.
  • Usage of the WatchESPN app on smartphones and tablets throughout the entire tournament was up 274 percent – nearly quadruple – in live minutes viewed.

And I think most significantly, the app had 7 million downloads. 7 million. And that was last year. Now think about all those bad reviews. What kind of repercussions could that have on the Wimbledon brand? And just think of the opportunities if they could get it right!

The reality is Wimbledon has a problem app. But the app can be improved:

Be fast.

If you want to ensure the success of your app (and minimal bad reviews!) you need to sort out the speed of it and that includes the data distributed to the app. Give your avid tennis fans those scores – and do it quickly! Otherwise, you’ll end up with low adoption. Delays only encourage viewers and tennis buffs to close the app and find something better – worse, leave a bad review before doing so.

Make sure the app can handle high volumes of fans!

Wimbledon has a global appeal, and viewers want to browse the app, hassle-free! Don’t encourage buffer face with the spinning wheel of death.

User experience.

All those using the Wimbledon app, want to find the scores/ player info/ videos that they are after and are LOOKING to spend time in the app having an enjoyable user experience. Make sure that you think about the user experience and make the app easy to use.

Consumers decide your fate when it comes to your success, if your app doesn’t work properly, it won’t be used, will have bad reviews written about it, and will get deleted.

So what do I suggest? Overall, the app is pretty cool! It has loads of features and I love the fact that you can have a special area for all your favorite tennis starts. But I think improvements could be made that turn the user experience into one that is ACE (get it, haha!) and an app that really is a dream.

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