WIRED: Setting the Stage for IoT Growth

23 Feb 15

Following the rapid growth and interest in the Internet of Things (IoT) in 2014, we’ve seen a significant increase in data-based services. Based on that expansion, Gartner suggests that the IoT will peak in 2015 to eclipse other trends like Big Data and cloud computing, supported by more and more data and mobile services rolled out throughout the year. Developers are, without a doubt, leading this renewed focus on mobile, creating the apps and technology that will propel the IoT into the New Year… but, they’re not without their fare share of challenges.

For instance, mobile users have increased expectations for the mobile apps and connected devices that fill their daily lives. Today, the average app load time is two seconds. Any longer and a user is likely to abandon the app completely, or worse, turn to a competitor. Users also expect their apps to consistently deliver the same high-quality experience, whether they are in the heart of New York City or traveling in rural Wyoming.

To meet these expectations and invest in the growing wave of IoT, app developers must plan for speed, reliability and connectivity in 2015.

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