Ocean Guardian, Powered by Diffusion® Protects the World’s Oceans

Without Diffusion, the Ocean Guardian system would be performing unnecessary, repetitious work for every shipboard device connected, wasting valuable memory and CPU processing power - increasing operational costs.

Ben Rogers

CTO, Brenock​

Quick Facts

Brenock, a software company specializing in shipping industry applications, needed to assure the Total Marine Solutions Ocean Guardian system obtained maximum operational efficiency and reliable delivery of the critical environmental data compliance for ocean vessels -- they chose the Diffusion Intelligent Event Data Platform.


Ocean Guardian, developed by Brenock Technology for Total Marine Solutions, simplifies and streamlines environmental compliance for ocean vessels. The system combines highly accurate GPS technology with TMS’s comprehensive, custom maritime environmental regulatory database and the system is built to handle any size fleet. The Ocean Guardian system supports environmental operations and their clients’ goals. It provides shipping operators and owners with immediate and accurate information on environmental regulations pertaining to a vessel’s specific location and provides the tools to facilitate compliance throughout their fleets. Ocean Guardian brings environmental compliance into the 21st Century.