Betfair Extends Competitive Advantage with Diffusion

Diffusion is part of the Betfair success story.

Daniel Alheiros

Delivery Manager, Betfair​

Quick Facts

Successful betting exchange customers require access to information in real-time. Betfair’s polling implementation was not up to the task of delivering live data at high scale. The company chose Diffusion Real-Time API Management to deliver live score and pricing information, in real-time, to their customers.


Betfair is one of the world’s largest international online betting providers. Founded in 1999 the Company pioneered the world’s first successful betting exchange, which allows customers to bet on odds set by themselves or by other customers. Today Betfair provides a full range of sports betting and gaming products to over four million customers in more than 100 countries. Committed to innovation and value.

Betfair’s success is founded on delivering an exceptionally fast and reliable online experience to ensure customers return again and again. Each day, Betfair’s betting exchange processes over seven million transactions – more than all the European stock exchanges combined – completing 99.9% of all transactions in under a second.

In a bid to improve its online customer experience, and to extend its competitive advantage, Betfair decided to move from polling to streaming technology to deliver real-time score and pricing data to customers.

Betfair evaluated five potential distribution solutions, and selected Push Technology’s Diffusion™ to achieve its vision in a fast, robust, and secure manner, with minimal changes to its existing infrastructure