Consorsbank Uses Diffusion for Single View of Customer In Mobile Banking & Trading App

With Push Technology’s Diffusion Platform, we have delivered a reactive, event-driven application experience to our customers - quickly & easily.

- Consorsbank

Quick Facts

When German digital retail bank, Consorsbank, a BNP Paribas owned subsidiary, needed to enable its current account customers the ability to trade and bank in real-time via a single mobile application, they chose the Diffusion event-driven platform.


Consorsbank wanted to create the next generation consumer retail banking mobile application. Where most retail bank applications give customers the ability to check account balances, transfer balances and make payments, Consorsbank wanted its application to go further.

Consorsbank wanted to deliver far more than typical mobile retail banking application to their valued customers. They wanted to give customers the ability to:

  • Create a custom ticker of stocks and shares and enter personal trades.
  • Assign outgoing payments into categories, for example Car->Fuel, Personal->Gym Membership, Mobile Phone>Monthly Contract. The application learns which suppliers provide what services and automatically assigns payments to categories as they go out.
  • Visually see graphs and charts of expenditure broken down into the assigned categories for ease of recognition of where money is going. For example, 22% of outgoings this month were on clothes.
  • Receive alerts on unexpected transactions. For example, the largest transaction in an average month is €2,000, but this one was for €10,000.
  • Receive account information and alerts to an Apple Watch.

The digital bank wanted their mobile application to be the central point for managing all of a customer’s accounts, engaging and tracking activity.