Latin American eGaming development company overcomes unreliable ISPs with Diffusion

With Diffusion Cloud, we save bandwidth, have an infrastructure that scales with no maintenance burden, and enjoy an excellent cloud operations SLA.

Brian Alonso

Senior Software Engineer, Ganchrow Scientific​

Quick Facts

eGaming platform development company, Ganchrow Scientific, faced infrastructure barriers typical of many Latin American companies who require reliable Internet connectivity and topnotch technical talent to power their business success. Ganchrow adopted the Diffusion Intelligent Event Data Platform to address their location challenges and assure efficient, cost-effective delivery of time critical game betting odds, statistics, and wagers - reliably, in real-time, 24x7x365.


Ganchrow Scientific is the leading provider of statistics-driven sports data for North and South American markets. They are the only eGaming development company to provide both intelligent line management integrated with a play-facing front end. Ganchrow Scientific has its roots in the hedge funds of Wall Street and the offices of academia. Their algorithms, strategy, and technology were born from years of expertise working in a leading Wall Street firm. They have taken their experience and applied it to calculating the best sports betting lines. The company offers a complete betting platform, as well as fully-managed and self managed lines so customers can choose a turn-key solution for their sportsbook, or they can integrate Ganchrow's high-quality data into their existing operation. Ganchrow consistently pushes the state of the art for speed, reliability, and quality.

Developing with the Diffusion Cloud platform is fast and the support and documentation are excellent!

Brian Alonso

Senior Software Engineer, Ganchrow Scientific​

The Challenges

While building their products, Ganchrow realized that In order to meet their speed, reliability, and quality goals, the Costa Rican-based company faced some challenges:

  • Latin American ISPs are notoriously unreliable. Technology companies running real-time, event-driven applications via the Internet must overcome the poor quality-of-service.
  • A polling-based solution could not meet the efficiency, performance, and scaling requirements of their applications.
  • They needed to simplify and speed their application development; but, the available pool of top-notch, local technical talent in Costa Rica is small and expensive.

The Diffusion platform greatly improves our data management and distribution efficiency, and application performance. Plus we benefit from reduced network payload due to Diffusion's state-of-the-art data optimization & distribution technology.

Brian Alonso

Senior Software Engineer, Ganchrow Scientific​

The Requirements

As an innovator in their industry, Ganchrow required a platform that would allow them to reliably distribute their data in real-time and expand the performance boundaries of their products. Ganchrow also wanted to speed and simplify development, and secure and harden their application infrastructure - without the added burden of difficult to hire programming talent and in-house support and maintenance, staff. Ganchrow's development plan began with the integration of legacy applications that are particularly sensitive to minor structural changes. These applications will be updated and supplanted over time. Therefore, the near-term requirements were fast, simple integration that could accommodate a wide variety of data structures. Their long-term need is the ease of modification, expansion, and management of the data models fueling their applications.

The Solution

Data management and distribution is the heart of Ganchrow's gaming operations. The company's products initially used polling but polling products do not scale to serve the requirements of real-time applications. Further polling systems are more costly and difficult to maintain and actively manage the data distribution. They needed a real-time data management and distribution platform to serve their applications. The company learned about the Diffusion Cloud Intelligent Event Data Platform via a colleague who uses Diffusion Cloud at another successful Push Technology customer company.

The Ganchrow team signed up free for Diffusion Cloud. After testing the Diffusion platform, they selected it to power their Ganchrow Live and Ganchrow Pre-match offerings, as well as to integrate with 3rd party sports and betting data providers such as Betradar. In their first month of production, they processed 5.5. billion messages through Diffusion Cloud – without a hitch.

For Ganchrow, Diffusion Cloud:

  • Eliminates the ISP quality-of-service challenges
  • Reduces bandwidth costs
  • Removes the need and cost of IT talent to support cloud infrastructure
  • Speeds development and innovation
  • Increases the application performance by reliably delivering data in real-time to global customers



  • Poor ISP quality-of-service
  • Insufficient high-quality technical talent pool
  • Legacy application and 3rd party data integration
  • Ease & speed of development.

The Diffusion Intelligent Event Data Platform

  • High quality-of-service for global customer base
  • No IT staff or infrastructure required
  • Improved operational performance
  • Simpler and faster application development & legacy integration.

Enjoy the rich functionality of Diffusion 6.7 as part of your event-driven application.

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